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This is a site dedicated to the viewpoints and experiences of being a Wizard / Involuntary Celebate. I have radical views for a radical world. Just a heads up for those who are sensitive to politically incorrect speech. In any case, I blog about all sorts of topics that I have interest in regardless if I am an expert on the subject or not. I'll speak my mind because I have a hard time doing that in reality anyways without some social repercussions. That's what great about being anonymous on the internet right? In any case, you'll probably realize that I'm mostly normal (I think) and just suffer from some really bad social anxiety and circumstances which lead to me being classified as an wizard in the first place.

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Early 30s Male


Amateur Musician / Blogger / Wizard (Perma-Virgin over 30.) / Wageslave

Personality Type:

INTJ (in other words, not human but that test was probably bullshit anyways)


computers, music listening and composition, web culture, driving, basketball, anime and manga, video games and visual novels, cardio, hunting and sport shooting, blogging, insects, cars, reptiles, amphibians are cool too, fish too I think, and arachnids, paranormal topics and some history.


nerds, computers (Technology BAD LMAO), cars, wage-slaving, web culture (sometimes), video games (current), mindless consumerism, hot weather, spyware, my bad spelling and grammer mistakes, big goverment, the educational system, neo-liberals, neo-conservatism, zionism, corporations, and television.

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